The children learn about teamwork

The Academy was holding a Summer fair for all of it’s students. Mr Akmal held a meeting and everyone was there, from Alayna to Aqib, to Qasim to Rimla.

“Right children, I want you to think of this as your fair. This means you will come up with all the ideas for what you want at this fair and then we will make it happen,” said Mr Akmal.

“For once, you’re in charge,” Mr Akmal said before picking up his cup of coffee and sitting at the side, leaving the children to it.

The children worked so hard together over the next few weeks. They really wanted this to be a great Summer fair, especially now that they were in charge.

And then the day of the Summer fair came. As the children prepared their stalls, they laughed and joked with each other. It was set to be a great day!

Mehreen was the school ambassador who stood at the front welcoming all the students and parents to the fair. Laraib and Neelam were in charge of the games stalls. When there was no one in line, they took turns playing the games themselves.

Farooq and Ismail were helping with the food stalls. “If you’re good, you can have any food that’s left over,” Mr Akmal told them, which made them so excited!

Summiyah and Tariq were painting and Summiyah got some paint on her nose. She then put a blob on Tariq’s nose and they both couldn’t stop laughing.

Faizan and Adam were helping take care of the bouncy castle. When no one was looking, they took turns to have a go on the bouncy castle themselves. Everyone was helping out and having fun at the Summer fair.

Lots of families came and everyone had so much fun at the Summer fair. When it came to an end, Mr Akmal gathered all the children together.

“This has been the best Summer fair that The Academy has ever seen! Congratulations everyone, you worked really hard and because of your hard work and your teamwork you pulled this off,” said Mr Akmal.

The children were so happy to hear this! They learnt that when you work together, you can do absolutely anything, In Shaa Allah.

Moral of the story

Teamwork is important. We can get the best results when we all work together, In Shaa Allah.

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