Tariq was playing catch with his sister Summiyah when all of a sudden, there was a loud smash. Tariq had thrown the ball at the lamp and it had smashed into hundreds of pieces on the floor.

Their mum heard the loud noise and came to investigate. “Oh no! Who smashed my lamp? Tariq, was it you? It’s all broken,” their mum said. “No Mama, it was Summiyah,” Tariq lied.

“No it wasn’t, it was Tariq! It wasn’t me, Mama,” Summiyah exclaimed. She was very angry that Tariq had put the blame on her.

“Will one of you tell me who did this? And I want the truth,” their mum was serious. “Mama, it really was Summiyah,” Tariq lied again.

“Right Summiyah, go to your room. You’ve done a bad thing,” their mum sent her to her room. Summiyah was very upset and she went to her room, crying.

Tariq felt bad for lying and blaming his sister. But he didn’t want to get into trouble. What should he do, he thought. “Mama I lied, I broke the lamp,” Tariq confessed to his mum.

“Look, you blamed your sister and now you’ve made her cry! You shouldn’t blame other people Tariq, because it upsets them and Allah doesn’t like it when people tell lies and blame other people,” his mum explained.

“I know, I’m sorry,” Tariq apologised. “You should apologise to your sister, not me,” his mum said, “you’ve really upset her.”

Tariq went and apologised to his sister and promised never to lie and blame someone else again.

Moral of the story

Don’t blame other people for something they haven’t done. Allah doesn’t like it and it also upsets the person. If you make a mistake, it’s much better to admit it and apologise than to blame someone else.

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