Seema learns to control her anger

Seema and Fazia were best friends since nursery. One day, Seema became angry with Fazia. She was so angry that she said something really horrible to her.

“You’re so useless! No wonder no one likes you!” Seema was so angry she shouted at her best friend. This made Fazia feel really upset. Fazia took Seema’s words to be true and was really hurt by them.

When Seema got home, she sat down on the sofa. And her heart sank. She realised how horrible she had been to her best friend. She realised she said some really nasty things. She didn’t mean them, she was just angry in that moment.

She quickly realised that she shouldn’t have said them. They weren’t true and she never ever wanted to upset her best friend.

That night, Seema couldn’t sleep. She felt so bad for the nasty words she had said to Fazia. She really wished she hadn’t said them.

The next day, when Seema saw Fazia she apologised to her. She told her how sorry she was and that she didn’t mean any of what she said. She had just said it because she was angry, but she knew that still didn’t make it okay.

“Fazia, you are my best friend and I don’t want to make you upset ever again. I hope you can forgive me because I really am sorry,” said Seema. “And I will make it up to you, too, just to show you how sorry I am.”

Seema promised from that day that she would always try to control her anger as she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings again. She had learnt that when she was angry, she should walk away or keep quiet so she didn’t say something that she might regret later.

Moral of the story

Try your best to control your anger. When you are angry, keep quiet instead of saying something mean that you might regret later.

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