Sakina learns that hard work pays off

Sakina loved writing and wanted to be a writer when she grew up. At school, everyone laughed at Sakina and told her that being a writer was not a proper job. They all wanted to be lawyers and doctors when they grew up, but not Sakina.

She ignored everyone when they laughed at her because she knew she could do it. It was like her grandma always told her, “with the help of Allah, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Sakina always kept this in mind. She knew she could do it, In Shaa Allah (God willing).

After school and masjid, she would come back and write. She would pray her salah (namaaz) and after that she would carry on writing. Sakina kept working hard, because she knew hard work pays off.

The next day at school, Sakina’s teacher told her about a writing competition at the local library. Sakina was so excited to enter! She started telling her friend about the competition and that she wanted to be a writer.

Her friend told her she should be a doctor instead. She said that was a much better job than being a writer. This made Sakina feel really sad because she really loved writing.

Sakina usually wouldn’t listen when people told her to stop writing, but this time she thought what if her friend was right?

Feeling upset, Sakina went home and didn’t write that day. Her mum noticed that she didn’t have her notebook or pen with her so she asked Sakina what was wrong. Sakina told her what had happened.

“Do you remember what Grandma always says? That with the help of Allah, you can do anything you put your mind to. Hard work always pays off, In Shaa Allah.”

Her mum was right; Sakina knew she could do it, In Shaa Allah. She finished writing her story and entered the competition. And because she worked hard, Sakina won the competition and her story was displayed in the local library for all to see.

Moral of the story:

Hard work pays off. If you work hard, you can do anything you put your mind to, In Shaa Allah (God willing).

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