Qasim learns Allah is the best Planner

Qasim had just finished his last day at school and on Monday he would be starting a new school. He didn’t want to move schools because he had lots of friends at school. Sometimes they were mean to him but at least he was popular. He thought about what would happen if he didn’t make any friends at his new school. This made Qasim really sad.

When Monday came, Qasim’s dad dropped him off to his new school. “Have fun Qasim,” his dad said as he dropped him off at the gates. “I’ll try,” said Qasim, quietly.

When Qasim entered through the gates, another boy came over to him to say hi. “Hi I’m Zain. You must be Qasim,” said Zain. “I heard you’re new here and I’m new as well. Is today your first day?”

“Yes, it is,” Qasim said. “Cool, it’s my first day as well,” Zain said before the teacher rushed them both to class. The boys were in the same classes and got along so well. By the end of their first day, they’d had so much fun together and after a few weeks, the boys became best friends.

Qasim was so happy and was always telling his parents how much he loved his new school and that he even had a best friend!

“See Qasim, Allah is the best Planner,” his dad told him. “Remember at your old school you had lots of friends but sometimes they were mean to you? They weren’t your real friends if they were mean to you. And remember you didn’t want to move schools? Well, now at your new school you have a best friend who is never mean to you!”

“Allah planned it so well that you have so much fun at this new school, even more than before. Always remember Qasim, even if things don’t go the way you wanted them to, Allah has something better planned for you.”

Qasim had a big smile on his face and said thank you to Allah because Allah’s Plan worked out for the best, as it always does.

Moral of the story

Allah is the best Planner. Remember, even if things don’t go the way you wanted them to, Allah has something better planned for you. Always trust Allah’s Plan.

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