Laraib learns to be kind to others

“Oh look there’s NEELAM,” shouted Laraib and pointed to Neelam, before her and her friends burst out laughing. “Hi NEELAM, where are you going? Don’t walk away from me, NEELAM,” Laraib laughed hysterically.

Neelam quickly walked past without saying anything. Laraib was always so nasty to her and it really upset her.

“Right class, I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Miss Ahmed once the class had finished. Neelam stayed behind to talk to the teacher, again. “She’s always staying behind to talk to the teacher, she’s weird,” said Laraib to her friends.

This upset Neelam even more. Why was Laraib always so nasty to her? Couldn’t she see that she had enough to worry about without Laraib being mean to her as well?

That day when Laraib got home, she overheard her mum talking to someone on the phone. “Yes, I know, it’s so sad. But you will get through this, I’m always here to help,” said Laraib’s mum down the phone. “Don’t worry about Neelam, she will be okay,” she said.

Wait, they were talking about Neelam? What was going on? “Okay I’ll talk to you tomorrow, stay strong,” her mum put the phone down.

“Mummy, what happened to Neelam?” Laraib’s mum spun round, “oh I didn’t see you there Laraib. Make sure you’re nice to Neelam, okay.”

“You should always be kind to everyone because you never know what they are going through,” her mum told her. Laraib’s heart sank. She had been so horrible to Neelam and it looked like Neelam already had other problems to deal with.

The next day Laraib apologised to Neelam and promised she wouldn’t be nasty and mean to anyone ever again. After all, you never know what someone is going through and being mean to them will just make them feel worse.

Moral of the story:

Be kind to others because you never know what they are going through or what problems they might be facing.

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