Imran learns that Allah sees everything you do

Imran looked up to see the shopkeeper was busy serving a customer. He slowly picked up his favourite chocolate bar and hid it in his pocket when no one was looking. Then he pretended that nothing had happened and walked out of the shop. As soon as he was out of the shop he quickly ran home to make sure no one noticed that he had just stolen a chocolate bar.

When Imran got home he felt so happy that no one had noticed what he had done! He got some chocolate without even having to spend a penny. He was really happy.

“Assalamu alaikum Imran,” said Imran’s dad when he saw his son. “Walaikam assalam Papa,” Imran replied. “Papa, can you tell me some stories again like you did yesterday?” Imran loved listening to his dad’s stories. They were so interesting and taught him a lot.

“Of course I can. One day, there was a person who would do bad things when no one was watching. He thought it was ok because he never got caught. But one thing he forgot is that even if no one can see you, Allah is always watching. And Allah knows everything you do,” said Imran’s dad. “So, Imran, if you ever think no one is watching then remember that Allah is always watching.”

Imran’s heart sank. He felt so guilty because he’d forgotten that even though the shopkeeper didn’t see him steal the chocolate, Allah saw him. Allah knew that he had stolen. “Thank you Papa, I really liked that story,” said Imran. “You’re welcome, Imran,” said his dad.

Then Imran knew what he had to do. He went back to the shop and gave the chocolate back. He apologised to the shopkeeper and promised he would never steal again.

Moral of the story:

Even when you think no one is watching, remember that Allah is always watching. Allah sees everything you do and Allah is all seeing, all hearing and all knowing.

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