Farooq learns not to be jealous

Farooq’s friend Ismail had been given a new toy car for Eid and it was so nice. Ismail really loved it. Farooq really liked it, too, and wished it was his.

When Ismail was playing with his brand new toy car, Farooq really wanted to take it for himself. Farooq felt really jealous.

The next day, Ismail was waiting for Farooq in their usual spot at lunch time. “Hi Farooq, I’m so excited to have fish and chips today,” he said to Farooq. The boys loved having fish and chips. “No, I don’t want fish and chips today,” said Farooq as he stood next to Ismail quietly.

“Oh, but I thought it was your favourite,” said Ismail. “Not today,” said Farooq. “Oh okay,” said Ismail, wondering what was wrong with his friend.

Farooq didn’t talk to Ismail all of lunch time because he felt jealous of Ismail. He couldn’t stop thinking about Ismail’s new toy car and really wished it was his and not Ismail’s.

When Farooq got home that day, he told his mum about Ismail’s new toy car. “Don’t be jealous, Farooq,” said his mum. “Remember, you got your own amazing toys on Eid as well.”

“Jealousy is a very bad thing, my son. It eats you up inside and makes you forget about all the good things you have been blessed with. Ismail might have gotten a brand new toy car for Eid and that’s great for him. But don’t forget about your own toys and your own blessings.”

Farooq realised his mum was right. He had gotten so many amazing toys for Eid, as well. He didn’t need to be jealous, it wasn’t a very nice feeling. It had made him feel moody all day and he didn’t want to feel like that.

From that moment, Farooq promised he would try not to be jealous ever again and that he would give thanks for his own blessings instead.

Moral of the story

Don’t be jealous. Jealousy eats you up inside and makes you forget about your own blessings. Instead, remember your own blessings and give thanks.

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