Don’t compare yourself to others

It was time for maths class. Neha was nervous because she knew there was going to be a test today. She looked over to Amal’s table. Amal was writing away on her paper. She knew all the answers to the test. She was so good at maths. Neha wished she was good at maths like Amal.

Next it was time for P.E. The girls had a test in P.E aswell. Amal was nervous for this test. She looked over to Neha. Neha was doing so well, Amal knew Neha would pass this test. Amal felt sad. She wished she was good at P.E like Neha.

Neha was talking to her friend Zaynah when Amal came over. “I wish I was good at P.E like you, Neha. I’m rubbish at it. I wish I was like you,” she told her.

Neha was shocked to hear this. “But I wish I was like you, Amal. Because you’re so good at maths and I can’t do it,” Neha said. Amal was shocked to hear this. 

“You are both good at different things because everyone is different,” Zaynah explained to both of them. “Don’t be sad if you are not good at something someone else is good at. You are both good at your thing.”

Both girls decided they would not compare themselves to anyone ever again because like Zaynah said, some people are good at some things and other people are good at other things.

Moral of the story

Don’t compare yourself to other people. You might be good at something and someone else might be good at something else. That’s okay, because you are both good at your thing. There’s no need to compare yourself to them.

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