Be good to your siblings

Kinza, Lana, Zeeshan and Ayaan were siblings. They were close in age and were always fighting.

One day, Lana was going to go to the shop. Before going, she had a big argument with her sister Kinza and angrily went to the shop. They were both really annoyed with each other.

When Lana came back, she was really upset and started crying. Kinza rushed to her sister to find out what had happened and found out that someone had been nasty to her. This made Kinza feel upset, too. She didn’t want her sister to be sad.

Kinza comforted Lana and told her it was all going to be okay. Kinza tried to cheer Lana up by laughing and joking with her. Soon after, Lana felt much better and was laughing with her sister.

It didn’t matter that they’d had a big argument before, because they were siblings so they knew they were always going to be there for each other, no matter what. The sisters both said sorry for shouting at each other earlier and they both forgave each other.

The two sisters then went into the kitchen to see their brothers having a serious conversation. Zeeshan looked very angry and Ayaan looked very upset. Kinza asked them what was wrong.

Zeeshan told them that he had just found out that one of his friends had been bullying their brother Ayaan, which was why Ayaan was so upset.

The 3 siblings all comforted Ayaan and told him it would all be okay. They told him that bullies were horrible people who were just trying to make themselves feel better by being mean to others.

The next day, when Zeeshan asked his friend about the bullying, his friend said yes, it was true and he didn’t like Ayaan. Zeeshan stood up for his brother and realised he didn’t need friends like this in his life.

Zeeshan and his siblings had always been told that family comes first (after Allah and Islam). He knew he wouldn’t miss his friend, because he didn’t need friends that were mean to his family.

No matter how much they fought, Kinza, Lana, Zeeshan and Ayaan were always there for each other whenever they needed them to be. As they grew up, the siblings realised that no one would support and look out for them as much as each other.

Moral of the story

Family comes first. Be good to your brothers and sisters and respect them because they are more likely to be there for you than anyone else in the world.

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