Aqib learns to be a good listener

One day, Aqib and Nomaan were playing a video game. “I need to tell you something,” said Nomaan.

“Yessssss, I scored a goal!” Aqib was so excited. “Please, I really need to talk to you,” said Nomaan, as he tried to talk to his friend.

“Yeah okay, which team do you want to be now?” Aqib didn’t seem to care, which made Nomaan feel really sad. He really needed a friend to talk to.

The next day at school the boys were eating their lunch when Nomaan tried talking to Aqib again. “Aqib, remember yesterday I was trying to tell you something – “

“Wow, this is so delicious,” Aqib seemed to be distracted by his food. This made Nomaan feel sad again and he gave up trying to talk to Aqib.

The next week, Nomaan didn’t come to school all week. Aqib really missed his friend and wondered where he could be.

After school, Aqib went to Nomaan’s house to find out why he hadn’t been coming to school. Once he reached, he saw Nomaan stood at the front door with his mum.

“What’s the matter Nomaan? You haven’t been to school all week,” Aqib said.

“I’ve not been feeling very well for a while which is why I’ve been off school this week. I’m going to the doctors with my mum right now. I tried to tell you before,” said Nomaan.

Aqib thought back and remembered that Nomaan kept trying to tell him something but he kept getting distracted. Aqib realised that he had been a bad listener. His friend needed him and he hadn’t been there for him. “I’m sorry for being a bad listener Nomaan. You are my best friend and from now on I will always listen to you,” said Aqib, as he apologised.

Moral of the story:

Always try your best to listen. Sometimes, the other person might just need someone to talk to. You never know what the other person has to say.

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