Amir learns it’s okay to be different

Amir liked reading books but all the other boys liked playing football. When Amir’s friends were talking about their favourite football teams, Amir was thinking about how he couldn’t wait to go home and finish reading his new book.

Sometimes, Amir wished he was like the others. He wished he liked football and that he didn’t like reading. He didn’t want to be different. He wanted to be just like everybody else.

When Amir came home from school one day, he sat down and picked up his new book. But when he held it, it made him feel angry. He didn’t want to like reading anymore. He didn’t want to be different.

“Mama, I wish I didn’t like reading. I wish I liked football like the other boys at school. I don’t want to be different. I wish I was just like them,” Amir said to his mum, and she could tell that he was very upset.

“My son, you wouldn’t want to be the same as everyone else. You’re special. You’re unique. You were born to stand out,” Amir’s mum told him.

“You don’t need to be like everyone else because you’re you. No-one else can ever be you, only you can. And that’s pretty special, wouldn’t you say?”

This made Amir realise that his mum was right. He was special. He didn’t have to be like anyone else, because he was Amir. And he always would be; no-one else could ever be him.

“Thank you Mama,” he said with a smile on his face, as he picked up his book and started reading.

Moral of the story

It’s ok to be different. If you’re not the same as everyone else, that’s okay. You’re special. You’re unique. You were born to stand out. And that’s pretty great.

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