muslims story
Alayna learns to be grateful

Alayna held up the dress her grandma had gifted to her for her 10th birthday. “Thank you,” she said through gritted teeth. The truth was she couldn’t stop thinking about how ugly it was. Why would anyone think this was nice? It reminded her of the necklace her aunty had bought her for Eid last year. That was so ugly as well! Why couldn’t anyone buy her things that were actually nice?

muslims story

“Come on Alayna, I need to drop you off to Aunty Sarah’s,” her mum hurried her to the car. As Alayna, her mum and her grandma sat in the car, she noticed something strange. “Mama, what’s that man doing sat on the side of the road? It’s so cold, he should be at home where’s it’s nice and warm,” she said to her mum.

“He’s asking people for money, darling,” her mum explained. “And I bet he wishes he was nice and warm too. But the reason why he’s not at home is because he doesn’t have a home.” Alayna felt sad.muslims story

Alayna’s mum saw her looking sad. “Come on, let’s go and give this to him,” her mum said as she took her to the man and gave her a £1 coin. She handed it to the man and he had a big smile on his face. “Thank you, may God bless you,” he said to Alayna. “You’re welcome,” she said as she headed back to the car with her mum.

For the whole journey, she couldn’t stop thinking about that man. She was going to be all cozy and warm at Aunty Sarah’s but he was going to be so cold all night. And when she gave him just £1 he was so happy.muslims story

If £1 can make that man happy even when he doesn’t have a house to live in, then I should be so happy because I have a warm house to live in and I even have my own room, she thought. It also made her think about the presents she’d been given and how she had been ungrateful. From now on, I will always be happy with all the presents I am given, because I have so much more than other people, she thought.

Moral of the story:
You should always be happy with what you have because you have so much more than lots of people around the world.muslims story

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