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The children learn about teamwork

The Academy was holding a Summer fair for all of it’s students. Mr Akmal held a meeting and everyone was there, from Alayna to Aqib, to Qasim to Rimla.

“Right children, I want you to think of this as your fair. This means you will come up with all …..

Be good to your siblings

Kinza, Lana, Zeeshan and Ayaan were siblings. They were close in age and were always fighting.

One day, Lana was going to go to the shop. Before going, she had a big argument with her sister Kinza and angrily went to the shop. They were both really annoyed with each other…..

Asad learns to be positive

Asad was always worrying about things. Whenever someone told him about something, he began to worry.

What if something bad happened and it was too much for him to handle? Asad couldn’t help it, he was always worrying…..

Rimla learns not to be arrogant

Rimla thought she was really cool and that she was better than everyone else. No one was as cool as her, she thought.

One day, Rimla was talking to her friend Aliyah. Aliyah was telling Rimla that she had got an award for getting the highest marks in English class…..

Seema learns to control her anger

Seema and Fazia were best friends since nursery. One day, Seema became angry with Fazia. She was so angry that she said something really horrible to her.

“You’re so useless! No wonder no one likes you!” Seema was so angry she shouted at her …..

Hasnain learns to help others

Hasnain was walking home when he saw his elderly neighbour Mr Begum also walking home with lots of heavy shopping bags. He ran over, did his salaam and helped him carry the bags.

Mr Begum was really happy that Hasnain helped him as he was really struggling to carry them…..

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